At deal with IT we realise that paying cash for your office equipment may not necessarily be the best solution for your business. We understand that
       the only constant in the IT industry is change.

By choosing to finance you won't be left with obsolete equipment, offering you the flexibility to update and expand when you are ready. This option assures your company stays in line with the remarkable advances in the computer and communications industry, allowing vital, upgrading of your equipment. deal with IT can organize finance from a selection of reputable companies to best suit your requirements.

Renting is becoming the industry standard for obtaining office equipment. By renting you can always have the very best equipment at your fingertips.

Six great reasons to rent:

1. Save your money
By choosing to rent there is no lump sum outlay, your capital remains free for other investment opportunities rather than having it tied up in office equipment that rapidly depreciates. Get everything you need Computer software, installation, training and networking can often be bundled into one convenient package along with extended warranties on your equipment, giving you a complete office solution.

2. Spread your costs
Spread over a 2 to 3 year period, a monthly rental plan allows you to have all the technology you require while spreading your costs over the life of the equipment.

3. Rentals are fully tax deductible
Rental equipment used solely for business purposes is fully tax deductible, another great reason to rent! Consult your accountant for further advice.

4. Upgrade when new equipment is required
Renting allows you to update to new technology during the term of your contract allowing you to stay in touch with today's rapidly changing technology.

5. Fast Approval
This procedure is very quick allowing you to attain the equipment when you need it. Simply apply over the phone or online for fast approval today!

6. End of term options
At the end of your rental agreement there are several options to select from:
Continue renting - reduced rates may apply
Upgrade to latest technology
Return equipment with no residual obligation
Offer to purchase equipment at fair market value

For more information on financing your equipment please contact us.

We recommend that you consult your accountant if you require guidance with any of these matters.